Our Team



Marko is coming from Serbia where he was professional athlete playing team handball. His sports career started when he was young and was very successful. He still enjoys playing any sport with his friends, but he is also very excited to own Family Dance Studio. He was always interested in trying something new, so he has decided to become part of ballroom dance world as studio owner. Since he was studying law and he loves history, he is very passionate about meeting new people from all walks of life and learning new things about different cultures. Marko has great leadership skills and he is happy to be head of this amazing Dance Family!



Maya is originally from Serbia, Europe. She has been part of Ballroom World since she was 9. Her favorite style is International, since that was the first style she was introduced to. She was competing and performing for many years and was very successful and recognized dancer in her country. She has been teaching since she was 17, working mostly with kids. When she came to USA she picked up American style and new way of teaching, so she is now experienced instructor, knowing many different styles and dances. Maya enjoys sharing everything she has been learning throughout her dance life and is looking forward to teach every new student who comes through the door. She loves spending time with her family, traveling, watching TV shows and eating chocolate ice cream.



Phillip has been ballroom dancing for 2 years but has been performing for 8+. Phillip comes from a theatre background, performing in various stage shows.  When not performing Phillip enjoys designing characters, camping, and eating. (Spicy food is his favorite!) He also enjoys playing and beating kids in Pokémon and Mario Kart. He has also done voice-over work for animation and acted in a few student films (he is fluent in Spanish).